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DJ Hire & Mobile Disco South London

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Mobile Disco Sound & Lighting

The Sound

The FBT speakers provide stunning music fidelity, while The FBT Vertus system delivers the sort of “oomph” you need for that big venue sound. But power is nothing without control. That’s where my Denon mixer and a MacBook Pro come into their own, enabling me to queue up, mix and play every track to perfection, so you all you hear is a seamless flow of party music.

The Lighting

I have to confess, when it comes to lighting, I’m a bit of a geek. So, rather than go on, and on about it, here are some YouTube clips to give you a taster of the effects I can create to add real magic to your party. I can also display stunning graphics and text, including personal messages, fun animations, seasonal themes, even your company logo… the list is endless. And for that extra touch of retro cool, how about adding smoke effects (totally safe, by the way) or haze to create a laser show that’ll take your party to another level!

I hope this demonstrates my professional approach to creating the perfect atmosphere.

Vinyl Record
Party disco ball
Disco Lighting Effects
Laser Beam Lighting for Disco
Multi-coloured Disco Lighting Effects
Lighting Effects for Disco
Blue, Pink and Green Laser Beam Disco Lighting Effect
Laser Beam Disco Lighting